Why should you finance your next vehicle?

How much can I be approved for?

Your approval is based on many factors but the process doesn't have to be scary or daunting. Our credit specialists will be pleased to answer any questions that will help get you on the road. To get you started, complete our online application.

How long does the approval take?

The approval process can be very quick and easy, even within minutes, filling out the online application will speed up the process. The more information you have could positively impact approval time. Some items like pay stubs, job history, Drivers license and Social Insurance Number may be asked for.

How much do I need for an initial deposit or cash down?

This depends on your specific circumstances; however, we will always try to get you on the road using $0 for down payment (O.A.C.*). 

What are the monthly payments and interest rate?

Each customer's loan application is reviewed for affordability. We do a budget analysis with each customer and an affordable monthly payment amount is provided that is designed for your needs.  Rates start as low as 0.99%. We work with 11 of the largest lending institutes.  Interest rates are impacted by lender promotions and individual credit history.

I want to shop around to get the best possible rate. Is this good or bad?

Shopping around your credit (meaning having multiple dealerships check your credit history or score) is the worst possible thing to do to your credit. Honda Fort St John has access to numerous lending institutions and we'll do our best to get you approved with the best possible rate guaranteed.

I'm currently in a high interest car loan. Can you help drop my payments?

We will assess your situation and often time our credit approval process can drop your payment and also get you into a newer car or truck.