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The Honda Prelude Concept: unveiled in Los Angeles


 honda  prelude concept

Following its international debut, the Honda Prelude Concept arrives in North America for an official presentation at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The blend of past appellations and high-performance models fits well in today's automotive market, which is why Honda has decided to reintroduce the Prelude into the industry—a model that first appeared in 1978 and has been a part of the brand's legends since then. The last Prelude was withdrawn from the market in 2001 after five generations, a model continuously demanded by enthusiasts.

For now, it's important to remember that this is a concept. However, given the significant media attention surrounding the model and particularly due to its advanced stage, one can certainly expect to see the new Honda Prelude in production in the coming months.

Filling a gap

As mentioned during its unveiling in Japan, the new Honda Prelude has every reason to join the brand's official lineup. The Coupe versions of the Accord and the Civic were discontinued a few years ago, leaving a gap in the Japanese manufacturer's lineup.

I'm not one to speculate, but some rumors starting to circulate also mention a possible use of the Prelude platform at Acura. Could we witness the return of the two-door Integra or even the creation of a new model?

Electrified Mechanics

In its official press release, Honda mentioned "driving pleasure in an electrified future." Thus said, it's expected that the production version of the Prelude will be a hybrid car.

The brand's electrification plan states that all Honda vehicles will be electric or fuel cell models by 2040. In the meantime, the manufacturer emphasizes that hybrid models are an important step toward this complete electrification, leading us to believe that the Prelude could be a hybrid car.

Once again, the Japanese manufacturer has remained quite vague about a production version. Furthermore, no additional details have been provided regarding the model's interior. Hence, patience is required while waiting for Honda to unveil more about the Prelude.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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