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Honda Registers the Name Prelude



Earlier this week, Honda registered the name Prelude, a designation that is likely to evoke fond memories among brand enthusiasts. Indeed, the Honda Prelude was marketed from 1978 to 2001. Over this period, the model was presented in 5 different generations. However, the lack of popularity and the success of other models eventually led to the demise of the Japanese brand\'s sports coupe.

The fact that Honda has registered the Prelude name has certainly not gone unnoticed, and the news spread rapidly across social media. One wonders if the Japanese manufacturer intends to reintroduce the model to the market and, most importantly, what type of vehicle it could be. Unfortunately, there have been many instances where manufacturers have revived names from the past and attached them to completely different models. Therefore, it\'s a scenario that cannot be ruled out.

A New Sports Coupe?

Something has changed at Honda in recent years, and that\'s the fact that the brand no longer offers 2-door versions of its intermediate car, the Accord. Thus, some rumors suggest that the Prelude name could fill the gap in the Japanese manufacturer\'s lineup, which makes perfect sense when considering it. Not to mention that the Civic also no longer offers a sport coupe version.

There is still very little information about the name registration, but it is known that it will be used for a vehicle, unlike what was done a few years ago. Honda had simply used the Prelude name to create merchandise at that time.

What\'s encouraging is the fact that this isn\'t Honda\'s first revival of a past model. One only needs to look at Acura with the new Integra, also offered in a Type S variant.

An Electric SUV?

The next question to ponder is what will be hiding under the hood of the future Prelude. The possibility that the model could be 100% electric should not be excluded, even if we wish otherwise. It could be either a 100% electric SUV or a gasoline-powered sports car. In any case, patience will be required to wait for the Japanese manufacturer to release an official press statement on the subject.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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