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Honda Prelude 2024 : There It Is!


 honda  prelude concept

With the return of the Integra, the arrival of the Type S and Type R versions, as well as the creation of new and intriguing variants, the Honda Group has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. Moreover, this bold and nostalgic momentum is far from over, as the Japanese manufacturer has just unveiled the all-new Prelude in concept form.

A few months ago, Honda filed a patent for the name Prelude, which caught our attention and hinted at a possible return of the model to the market. However, until recently, not much was known about the model. One might have expected the new Prelude to take the form of a sedan or even a 100% electric SUV. However, the concept presented by the Japanese manufacturer is far from that.

A Logical Continuation

The new generations of Civic and Accord have brought many innovations to their respective lineups, but some versions have also been discontinued, such as the two-door coupe models. Thus, it was quite logical for the new Prelude to somehow fill this void, and that's exactly what Honda has done.

Unfortunately, the interior of the engine has not been presented to us yet, but the concept's body is very striking. The front part has a sharp and modern look. The Prelude features dynamic lines and a sporty appearance. The rear part, with its sleek and short design, makes the car even more aggressive. In short, it's a success all around, and I sincerely hope that the production model will be quite close to the concept. In fact, it is expected to be the case, as it has happened with other concepts from the brand that made it to the assembly line.

Now, regarding the mechanical aspect, no specific information has been provided, but we know that the concept is powered by a hybrid engine, which is quite interesting. However, we don't know precisely which powertrain it is, but Honda is generally conservative in this regard. Thus, one could expect the Prelude to inherit the same engine as the new Civic Hybrid. We can also dream and hope that it might end up being equipped with the same engine as the Civic SI or even the Civic Type R. Needless to say, we are particularly eager to learn more about the model.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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